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A Sports Therapist is trained to use Sports Massage, which includes Remedial Bodywork. This is primarily a deep tissue massage using various techniques designed to identify and rectify soft tissue problems. The main benefits are that it can reduce muscle soreness, release tension, both deep and superficial, thus improve mobility and circulation.

For those regularly participating in a sport, at any level, or those working in physical jobs, a regular treatment helps to at least maintain if not improve performance by decreasing recovery time, increasing mobility and helping maintain muscle elasticity. It can also help reduce the incidence of injuries through early detection and advice.

Do not think that Sports Massage is only for those who participate in a sport! Nowadays many of us spend hours a day sitting using a computer or on the phone. This can lead to the adoption of poor posture which leads to pain, stiffness, discomfort and/or tension in the back, neck and shoulders, even headaches. Sports Massage can help to alleviate these complaints and with advice on posture can reduce the recurrence of these problems.